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i4pro’s excellence for your back-office automation

Our ERP solution is based on modules that may be incorporated according to your insurance company’s needs, streamlining your projects and driving new business. Your company may choose shared or exclusive modules, with high safety and governance standards. For being flexible and modular, i4pro ERP enables your company to launch products with excellent time-to-market.


Module supporting the whole operation of issuing individual and group policies. Parameterize your products comprehensively, setting their characteristics, coverage limits, clauses, actuarial charts, forms, commissioning terms, co-insurance and reinsurance agreements, amongst other essential particulars throughout a policy’s lifecycle.


Manages the whole process of analyzing the claim for risk coverage, notices, judicial proceedings, analysis expenses and fees, salvage recoveries, restitutions with controls of technical reserves (Provision for Outstanding Claims and Provision for Related Expenses) reached by users, and financial integrations for payments and book-keeping. It optimizes processes according to the SLA set by your insurance company.


Streamlines management of the risk-sharing process with reinsurance companies either proportionally or non-proportionally in automatic, facultative and allied (mixed) agreements. Through parameterizations and calculation rules, it manages the retentions of Financial and Life Risks. The module performs the full claim recovery process and account reporting, integrating into the financial and accounting systems. It also promotes automation in the reinsurance process, delivering greater efficiency with security.


Performs your insurance company’s whole financial management, integrating with credit cards and the leading banks in the Value-added Network. It also fully manages and reconciles Accounts Payable and Receivable related to operations such as commissions, claims, reinsurance, restitutions, administrative payments and taxes. Provides control of financial flows and streamlines processes safely and efficiently.

Financial Risks

Integrates and helps your insurance company manage all journal entries created by operations.

Through parameterizations and mappings, allows to perform the accounting processing, extract the ledger and trial balance, as well as manual entries with user permission-level control, in integration with the FIP-SUSEP system, Annual Income Statements and assets and liabilities in balance sheets.

Ensures agility and security in the month-end closing process and in submitting information to SUSEP.

modular solutions: greater efficiency for your needs



A module especially designed to issue Air Transport and Explorer Liability (RETA) and Hangar products, it identifies all aircraft parameterization needs and their various characteristics to better calculate premiums and manage loss ratios.

bus civil liability

Undisputed leader in the issuance of premiums, this module integrates with the National Ground Transportation Agency (Agência Nacional de Transportes Terrestres – ANTT) to issue, update and renew policies. As such, the monthly billing process occurs automatically, affording greater agility in daily tasks.


With automated processes and integrated with the main registration tools in the market, the Transportation module operates with adjustable, individual and registrable policies, allowing for claim notices for the issuance of derived risks, still unrecognized in the issuance process.


The Auto module features a flow to quote and issue group (fleet) and individual policies, streamlining the process. It manages the advance payment and recovery of brokers’ commission and includes a Tracking component capable of controlling stocks, scheduling, and charging for the installation of trackers.


Conceived to identify all vessels’ parameterization needs and their various characteristics to better calculate premiums and manage loss ratios.


This module brings security and ease to your daily operations. Configure the issuance of products for personal injury, material and moral damages and expenses caused to third parties, managing the whole issuance cycle. Import and integrate data through APIs with agility and flexibility.

engineering risk

Manages the whole flow of individual products, controlling the flow of issuance and endorsements, allowing for the parameterization of complex calculations through the i4Solver tool.


The Commercial module allows parameterizing your products and performing the policy-issuance process through flows carried out importing spreadsheets for multiple danger zones, allowing to configure Compensation Cap groups.

D&O e E&O

Gain greater control over D&O and E&O operations by parameterizing issuance by specific activities for group and individual policies. This module can calculate premiums with various degrees of complexity.


i4pro’s Oil module currently manages 90% of all premiums issued in the market. Capable of managing the issued items and endorsements in a simple manner; associated with the Reinsurance module, it allows you to negotiate your agreements in excellent time, affording negotiations with differentiated terms and conditions.

individual life

In addition to managing traditional products in this field, the Individual Life module allows working with wealth accumulation products, such as Universal Life Insurance, Full/With-profit Endowment Plan, Full Endowment Plan and Performance-based Full/With-profit Endowment Plan.

private pension

Performs the full management of Private Pension plans of Redeemable Life Insurance (VGBL and PGBL modes) and Traditional plans. The Private Pension module also allows creating and parameterizing technical notes, registration of funds, reserves, redemptions and transfers, affording more effective management of all products.


The Travel module performs full management of prepaid, post-paid and annual products. It also fully controls and manages FX fluctuations for products issued in foreign currencies, as well as treatments to insurance company representatives and various methods of payment. With agility and flexibility, it manages the issuance, data importation and integrations through APIs.

credit life

Currently operating in more than 10 insurance companies, the Credit Life module performs full management of individual and group products, affording agility through process automation and integration of APIs.

group life

An end-to-end solution found in more than 15 insurance companies, the Group Life module is highly scalable and has proven performance processing more than 5 million lives.

mortgage insurance

Fully manages group policies, allowing for the issuance of two different policies for Physical Damages to Property and Death and Permanent Disability coverage types, through a unique importation process, with high performance and traceability.


Gain flexibility to serve any product in the homeowner insurance market. Create your own acceptance rules, issue policies and endorsements per type of building and occupation. Also, the Homeowners module is fully integrated with the leading assistance companies in the market.

multiple peril

Designed to meet the multiplicities in this field, the Multiple Peril module allows your insurance company to manage any differentiated product, making it possible to issue policies, import data and perform integrations through APIs.


Integrated with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária and Abastecimento – MAPA), this module manages state- and federal-level subsidies.

i4pro’s customers who use the Rural module are consistently amongst the insurance companies that receive the most subsidies.

extended guarantee

Manage manufacturer’s and insurer’s warranty periods separately, calculating short- and long-term mathematical reserves, in accordance with the market definitions, regulatory agencies and the current laws.

rental surety

Parameterize your products to issue Rental Surety Insurance in group and individual policies, making it possible to control the retention limit and risk. In addition, the Rental Surety module allows performing calculations through i4Solver, affording greater flexibility to create products by integrating APIs.


Found in more than half of all insurance companies and the premiums issued by the Guarantee Insurance market, this module allows controlling the retention and risks of underwriters and economic groups during the issuance process, and also manages reinsurance agreements in real time.

Our solutions are comprehensive, integrated and modular. Ready to perform the key processes in an insurance company with the highest standards of safety and technology. With i4pro, your company will be ahead of the game!
Rodrigo Orlandini

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