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be the greatest and best technology partner to the insurance market, boosting our clients’ results with innovative solutions

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Manifesto below.

The WE is the strength of the movement.
A movement that started way back then, and never stopped. The strength of WE produces creativity. Produces innovation. It encourages us to get up every day and search for the new, that which has never been done.

And that search has never been lonely. We came to being from the ideals of entrepreneurs. We came to being together, from start. And together we grew, bringing others to the same ideals. Together, we attracted clients who also wanted to be part of the movement.

Yes, WE is synonymous with trust. One helps the other. One collaborates with the other. It is there that technology becomes part if our life, in a simple way.

Simple as buying insurance.

Insurance can be simple.

Since 2005, i4pro has been enhancing technology solutions that ensure better performance for over 40 insurance companies throughout Brazil.

The investments made by Ângulo Capital in 2019 allowed us to structure our company’s governance and our products’ security even more. Also broadening our portfolio of solutions.


owner’s attitude

We make decisions and act as if we owned the business. We believe everyone may make a significant positive impact on our business, leading by example, regardless of job titles and hierarchic positions. We are concerned about the company and about one another. Owners have long-term perspectives and do not take shortcuts.


We prize curiosity and the constant search for enhancing, improving and acquiring knowledge. To transform and improve ourselves and our business, we like to think outside the box understanding problems, identifying opportunities and suggesting solutions.


Our success is our customers’ success. We work with the client and for the client, because anything is only valuable to us if it is valuable to them.


We do not wait for things to happen – we make things happen. Our attitude is proactive, and we focus our efforts to improve processes and develop people, always striving for excellence in our deliverables. We believe an extraordinary experience streamlines resources and creates credibility and trust in our relationships.

constructive collaboration

We are a team that builds solid relationships and prizes one another’s ideas and opinions. We trust in one another and work together, collaboratively, to achieve our goals and reach successful results. Here, the best idea always wins.


Acting with integrity and in the highest ethical standards is non-negotiable to us, and we do not accept anything less than that. We always do what is right.

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